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Meet The CEO

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Chakera Clarke

Clarke has an Associate’s Degree in Communication and over a decade’s worth of experience in Home Health Aide with specialist training in Newborn Care, Alzheimer’s and Dementia. A Natural Care Giver Clarke is known for her Loving, Nurturing and Warm personality and as a result it was a no-brainer for her to venture into the Health Care field to extend these attributes to others in need. Clarke is Charismatic, Personable and has excellent communications skills with the ability to empathize with anyone she comes across by putting herself in their shoes. One of Clarkes goldens rule and principle that she stands by “is treating others as you want to be treated” – this inevitably spills over into her business practices.

The Chief Operating Officer is her Phenomenal mother Julia Perez that has a Bachelor of Business Administration and had an exciting career as a Certified Nursing Aide. Mrs. Perez has been her daughters biggest supporter and took charge in assisting to make Top Quality Home Care Services beyond extraordinary ensuring that we offer the highest quality care that truly has a beneficial impact on Seniors and Children. 

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